FRESH U Campus

Fresh Food. Fresh U

Fresh U is a movement, a lifestyle, & a community dedicated to bridging the gap between Health & Creativity in Urban Pop Culture.

Since becoming ill, Brandee suggested more alkaline in my diet. Not only have i noticed a tremendous change in my digestive issues & weight, I’ve enjoyed preparing the meals & sharing them with my family. Thanks Brandee for showing me that eating healthy is fun. It has changed my life!
— Tina, NJ
I never knew much much nutrition really affects healthy weight loss. I am more educated when I buy groceries. Overall it was a much needed experience and I feel great!
— Gene, Phoenix
Thanks to #FreshUcampus my lifestyle and eating habits are much better! Brandee personally took the time with me to go food shopping. She walked me down every aisle & hand picked the right foods for me from fruits, to veggies & meats. Since having #FreshUcampus be a part of my life , I have incorporated fresh fruit and veggies in my daily diet. She taught me the importance of eat healthier and smarter!
— Kevalena, L.A.